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Love yourself, live your purpose, heal the planet

Ecstatic Eye Empowerment

Intuitive Iris Readings

Are you tired of not expressing yourself to the fullest? In a job you can't stand and repressing all the energy that is you? Don't know what your purpose is? Experience anxiety and not enjoying life to the fullest? I can help you. With intuitive iris readings and spiritual empowerment coaching, you can live your soul purpose, express your true inner being, shine your light and love while raising the vibration of the planet.

Did you know your irises are the fingerprints of the soul and no two are alike? My first readings were for identical twins and their irises were very similar, but not identical. Your irises show your genetic blueprint, your personality, your gifts, challenges, lessons, blessings, point to soul purpose, etc., all passed down from your family tree. And I can tell you from which parent/grandparent/great-grandparent it came from and how to transcend the challenge to receive the blessings.


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

Reality Shifts When You Do

I empower others to open their third eye and see the truth of who they are: pure love, pure light, able to stand in your power and contribute to the healing of humanity and planet. Able to leap tall obstacles in a single bound and live their soul purpose. Super Youman. 

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching clears out the anxiety, low self-esteem and worthiness issues that hold you back from expressing your true self and living your soul purpose.


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04/13- 4/14 Rasani Fair

Booth #81 Mini-readings, Iris Readings, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching.  

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